How to use White Calling Cards

Dial one of the access numbers below
Freephone Access Number 0800 097 6591
03 Mobile Access Number 0330 001 0001
Mobile Access Number 0207 097 6591
0208 097 4591
0330 Access Number 0330 001 0001
T-Mobile Access Number 07755 332805
H3G Access Number 353 029
Local Access Number 0845 025 6591
Customer Service Number 0845 025 6594
Enter the Pin Number
Dial the destination number followed by #
(For calls outside the UK dial 00 + country code + area code + number)
(For calls within the UK always dial the area code e.g. 020, 01273 etc.)
To make a follow on call
DO not HangUp,Press # #
For pin-less dialling
To save pin enter * 6 after entering the pin number
To save pin enter * 6 after entering the pin number

Few of the international calling cards come with hidden connection and maintenance charges, unless otherwise stated. It is always the best practice to check with the card service provider and clarify any queries you have about these charges and latest rates information.

“White calling card also happens to be one of the most economical and cheap calling card.”
About Euro Calling Card
Euro Calling Cards provides low cost international calls related calling cards. White Calling Card is one of them. White Calling Card is the best and the most popular calling cards available online. You will not have surprises of disappearing minutes or the unwanted hidden charges. This calling card is transparent and reliable calling card showing the right minutes and rates as per minute billing.
White Calling Cards
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