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3G refers to the third generation of mobile telephony technology which wishes to unify the world's mobile computing devices through a single, worldwide radio transmission standard. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) defined the third generation (3G) of mobile telephony standards – IMT-2000 – to facilitate growth, increase bandwidth, and support more diverse applications. For example, GSM could deliver not only voice, but also circuit-switched data at speeds up to 14.4 Kbps. But to support mobile multimedia applications, 3G had to deliver packet-switched data with better spectral efficiency, at far greater speeds.

Abbreviated Dialing
A calling feature in which the caller dials to dial the destination telephone number in fewer than normal digits. Abbreviated Dialing numbers must be set up in advance of their use. Also see Speed Dialing.

Access Number
The phone number you will dial first before entering your PIN and making a phone call. This is usually provided by the calling cards providers and may also be printed on the calling card or the prepaid phone card.

Area Code
In the USA and Canada, the actual 7-digit phone number is prefixed by 3-digit number that indicates the regional location of the number you're trying to call (the destination number). This number is also called as city code.

Automatic Recharge
This option allows you to set your plan to automatic recharge every time you drop below a certain limit. By activating this option, you can make sure you won't be disconnected during a call.

Billing Increments
The method the carrier uses to round phone calls. Also check Minute Rounding.

Call forwarding
IAlso known as call diverting, this allows an incoming call to be forwarded to another phone number when the called party is unavailable or wishes to receive the call on the other number.

A company that creates and sells telecommunications products such as prepaid phone cards or calling cards.

Carrier Customer Service Number
Call this number if you need assistance with using your phone card.

Carrier Service Fee
A fee assessed by the phone card carrier. The carrier is the company that provides the network services for the calling card.

Cellular Refill Card
A prepaid phone card used to refill minutes on a prepaid mobile phone.

City Code
See Area Code.

Clean Phone Cards (also known as Flat-Rate Cards and No Fee Cards)
Phone cards with no additional fees or hidden charges. All fees applicable to the card are usually rolled into the rate per minute charges for easy calculation of available minutes.

Abbreviation for Caller Line Identification. This feature displays the phone number of the caller on the phone screen.

Conference Calling
The caller can call multiple lines (more than one) without disconnecting the main line and have conversations.

Connection Fee
A fee is charged by certain calling cards providers to connect a phone call.

Country Code
The 1-3 digit prefix before the city code or area code (or the complete phone number) that indicates the country of the number you are trying to call. It is usually has '+' or '00'sign as prefix to indicate it as the country code of the destination number.

Disconnect Fee
A fee that will be charged when a telephone call is ended or disconnected.

Calling cards may have an expiration date. Any unused minutes on a phone card will be forfeited at the point of expiration.

Free credit
The extra call time or free minutes that may be offered by certain calling cards.

Internet Dialing
Using your calling card as an internet dialer with a broadband connection instead of a cell phone or land line. It can be used with a soft phone application on your computer and requires a headset and microphone to listen and speak.

Internet Phone
Refers to communications services like voice, fax, SMS, and/or voice-messaging applications that are transported via the Internet, rather than the public switched telephone network. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one such service.

Interstate Calling
Calls placed outside the state from where you are calling.

Intrastate Calling
Calls placed within the state – same as the place from where you care calling.

International Toll Free Service or ITFS allows you to receive calls from people residing in other countries who are not charged for that call.

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a technology that automates interactions with telephone callers. Corporate and Enterprises are using IVR to reduce the cost of common sales, service, collections, inquiry and support calls to and from their company.

Local Access Number
An access number that is local to the person dialing it. Some phone cards include local access phone numbers, which may offer an additional per minute rate savings when dialed instead of dialing the toll-free access number.

Maintenance Fee
Unless otherwise stated, this fee is deducted immediately after hanging up on your first phone call (if the balance remains), and again at the specified schedule for as long as the balance exists. Customers can avoid maintenance fee by using all of the available minutes on their phone card in one phone call, or purchasing a calling card with no fees.

Minute Rounding
These couple of examples may help:
3-Minute Rounding: A phone call lasting 9 minutes and 25 seconds will be billed for 12 minutes. 1-Minute Rounding: A phone call lasting 9 minutes and 25 seconds will be billed for 10 minutes.

Rechargeable PIN (Also known as a rechargeable phone card)
The ability to recharge a PIN means that you can pay more money for the recharge of the calling card and use the same PIN and there is no need to remember a new PIN.

Payphone Fee
A fee for handling a phone call made from a payphone.

A Personal Identification Number is the unique tracking code associated with an individual prepaid phone card or calling card.

PINless Dialing
Make phone calls without having to dial your PIN. PINless dialing is a convenient feature that allows you to register your phone number(s) at the time of purchase so that you can place long distance calls without having to dial a PIN.
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